Security is a very important aspect of the Community Teen Center. Since its inception, the Center continues to build relationships with and rely on the expertise of numerous law enforcement officers, educators, youth group administrators, and a security systems company owner who installed an exceptional, high-tech security camera system throughout the building.

A Code of Conduct has already been outlined and is quite comprehensive. All students and parents must sign the Code of Conduct and abide by the Center Rules in order to be permitted on the premises and participate in Center Activities. There will be a no tolerance policy for violating the Center Rules. Behavioral issues will not interfere with the fun of others.

Additionally, the safety of the teens is very important. Adults supervise all of the Center’s activities. All staff and volunteers go through a thorough background check. No other adults from the street are allowed in the center. Procedures are in place to make sure that teens are safe as they enter and leave the Center. All teens participating in the center register and must check in creating another level of security. When a teen leaves the Center, an adult volunteer escorts them to their waiting vehicle.

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The current version of the Code of Conduct can be downloaded for your review.

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