PC Pull Apart
January 21-24

Did you ever want to know what’s inside your computer? Join us as we take apart some computers, clean them out, and then put them back together! Bonus points if it works when we’re done… JUST KIDDING! That’s the whole idea! Learn about what’s inside your computer, what all those components do, and even a few tricks of the custom PC building trade.

Students will be taking apart the old Internet Café computers, cleaning them out, putting them back together, and installing an operating system, among other necessary programs. While doing so, they will learn what each component does and why it’s so important. We’ll clear up some myths and misunderstandings about the amount of RAM a computer needs, how big your hard drive should be, and why you don’t need the newest graphics card, among other topics. Students will leave the camp every day with knowledge they didn’t have before, plus a paper or craft to help them remember. Students will not only have the opportunity to learn something new, but also to practice teamwork, time management, and build self esteem. Students will be guided through every step, and in the end will have a real, working PC up and running; a PC they actually built themselves.